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New - Commodore 64 MP3 Decoder- MASPlayer 64

In final prototyping stage the MAS Player 64/128 is an MP3 Decoder for the 64. If it works as planned then it should be made later in the year!

Dela 87010 Multi Kernal ROM Adapter Available Soon

We're excited about this, its a remake of the DELA 87010, a low cost, multi-kernal ROM Adapter for the Commodore 64. A great, simple solution to equipping your 64 with lots of different Kernals, all available at a flick of a switch!

More from Digital Audio Concepts

Lots of new products from Digital Audio Concepts, the DigiMAX has been added to the list and is now in production. Should be available very soon........

Now In Production - 8 Bit Stereo Sampler by Digital Audio Concepts

Made under license the new 8 Bit Stereo Sampler has now entered production and will available shortly....

Really Nice - uCassette

Its getting busy here with lots of new gadgets for the Commodore 64! Brand new uCassette device for the 64, plugs in to the cassette port and lets you load from your MP3 player/phone!

Just In - 1MB REU Clones

Now entering production is the 1MB REU Clone designed by Digital Audio Concepts. Adds a massive 1MB RAM to your Commodore 64 & 128.

Just In - Commodore 128 LED/Power Control PCB

We're busy making some of the projects designed by the talented people at Digital Audio Concepts, just arrived is the new version of the Commodore 128 Power Board/LED Panel.

Using an ATX Power supply, moving your 128 set up to a tower case or your own project could not be simpler! Connecting up a 1571 Disk drive, CMDs SCPU, CMDs RAMLink, plus Stereo LED, 128 Mode LED and much more is all taken care of with the LED/Power Control PCB.

Just In - ProtoCart v1

The Commodore ProtoCart v1 has been designed for a host of Commodore computers including the VIC 20. Probably the larget prototyping board for the Commodore and features support for the Commodore 64 Expansion Port, Vic20 Expansion Port, C64/Vic20 User Port, Section for 80 Pin CPLD & DB25 pinout.

Just arrived - ProtoCart Mini Kit for the Commodore 64

Now shipping the full ProtoCart Mini Kit lets you easily develop PCB based hardware applications.

Designed to bridge from a breadboard to the Commodore 64's cartridge port, includes a 20cm Dupont male to male cable, header strip & PCB.

Mini X-Pander by Arkanix Labs

Just dropped through the letter box, the fab new Mini X-Pander, from Arkanix Labs. Equipped with a user port reset, one upright and one right angle expansion slot - great for SID CART II & 1750 REU!

For all the info see here -

New Commodore 64 Easy Flash Cartridges - Assembled, Loaded & Tested!

We are pleased to announce that assembled and tested Easy Flash Cartridges are now available. In Clear Red & Clear Blue cases with matching LEDs and preloaded with a pack of games, including our favourite Matrix!