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Showing posts from June, 2013

New - Commodore P/N 3248528-02 With full harness set now ready!

We have just finished manufacturing the Commodore 3248528-02 Diagnostic Cartridge with its full harness set. Package now includes a brand new Diagnostic Cartridge, Keyboard Tester, Cassette Port Tester, User Port Tester, Serial Port Tester plus Joystick Ports 1 & 2 Tester - Best of all is the price - this is a very affordable option!

Ready - DigiMax for the Commodore 64 by Digital Audio Concepts

The latest member of the Digital Audio Concepts family is now ready! The DigiMax!

If the beautiful analogue sound of the SID chip isn't suitable, maybe it's time to go digital instead? For this, we've created the DigiMAX. When plugged into your User Port, it provides four 8-bit digital sound channels (in stereo) through a separate output on the card. With appropriate cables and mixer (not included), one can even use the SID and DigiMAX together!

Just In Commodore 64 MultiCart 64

New in this week is the re-release of Multicart 64, we already have a different version of this very cart from 2005 but its still a great cart for accessing lots of 8k roms!

Sadly it was shipped without antistatic protection (it was loose in a jiffybag) so we replaced the two badly scratched ICs (74LS273 & 74LS139) with new ones as a precaution.

Evesham Micros Doubler 64 back in stock

We have also restocked the popular Evesham Micros Doubler 64, must be one of the simplest builds we do, just one cassette port connector!

500 New Chip Level Designs 64k Video RAM Upgrades - Plug in 64k VDC Upgrade

Time to restock the Chip level Designs 64K VDC, 500 should keep our Commodore 128 customers going for the next 10 years or so...

FM Radio Success

We picked an on line project to build a simple FM Radio using three parts bought on eBay. After soldering the four wires we plugged it in to the Commodore 64 and with Timos software we had a fully working FM Radio!

Digital Audio Concepts LED/Control Now Ready

The Digital Audio Concepts LED/Control has been assembled with the technical help of DAC and is now ready!

Dela 87010 ROM Adpater Now Ready

The handy ROM selector by DELA, the 87010 is now available and includes instructions!