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New January 2015 Price List

Our very first colour price list is now available, listing most of the great Commodore 64 & 128 items we sell... Plus you can now buy direct from us.

New Silver Foil Labels for our Commodore 128 u36 ROMs

WizardNJ has been working overtime getting all our new Commodore 128 ROMs ready and the new super cool looking Silver Foil labels have just arrived. Now all we are waiting for is the new instruction sheets!

LOAD-IT from Mills Associates

LOAD-IT from Mills Associates

At last its ready, this is old project which we have taken over and brought to market, with the great help and assistance of Fredric (e5frog).

This is the first part, a second kit with the adjustment rod & knob will be available soon.

New Batch REX 9502 DUO Commodore 64 Cartridge

We have made a new batch of the REX 9502 DUO Cartridge, this is a very popular PCB as you can hold two proper 8K Eproms and switch between them.

New - LOAD-it Project

With the new LOAD-it project we are just the end stage team, the hard work was all done by e5frog aka Fredric and we have simply taken the project to market. This will be in our eBay listings in the coming days...

Just In - All new surface mount 64K RED PCBs

With the help of CHATHURA, Ray and the team at the PCB company in China we now have a brand new version of our 64K PCB.

The 64K RED cartridge board is a high quality PCB, Gold tracks and all surface components, you simply program the 27c512 PLCC eprom and press it into the socket. No soldering needed. Plus its configured with a hardware RESET and its LED ready.

GEOS RTC Project Enters Testing For the Commodore 64

GEOS RTC Project Enters Testing For the Commodore 64

We found this little project on line and decided to make one, looks good!

Will now test it and see if it keeps time in GEOS!

NEW - IRQ LED Mod for the Commodore 64

We came across this little mod for the Commodore 64 a couple of years ago and WizardNJ designed a neat PCB which simply clips inside the Commodore 64 on to pins 1,3 & 4 of the Cartridge Port using the Red, Green & White IC Clips. The old Red LED is pushed out and the new mod is simply pushed in and secured, if needed with a double sided sticky pad. The cable is detachable if you ever need to work inside your 64 with the lid off.

The original article is here -

1 MB REU Clones Now Finished

After more help from the developer we have over come all the problems and full production has started and the 1 MB are available from stock.

New Budget RS232 Interface

Ready for testing is a new low cost RS 232 Interface, should be ready for sale in the next week or so.

Custom Die Cut Cartridge Labels now stocked

For along time we have been looking for labels which perfectly fit the Commodore case, a lot of our customers use we a smaller label or cut them by hand, well thanks to our partners we now have die cut labels in stock! Available in white standard stock, white high gloss photo inkjet & soon Commodore Silver!

More New Commodore 64 Cases at Shareware PLUS

Three more great cases added to our range, we have Transparent NEON Orange, Green & Yellow!

Now Tested - 4 Megabit Cartridge PCBs

We have just finished testing the new 4 Megabit cartridges, great job Siem!

Now for Ray to work his magic.

Just In - New 512 to 4 Megabit PCBs arrived!

We've been busy working with our new partner to bring to market a brand new, full packed 512 to 4 Megabit games cartridge. It can handle many configurations including 32x 16K banks!

Plus this PCB hides a secret to be revealed later!

The MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge Now Ready for Sale

After many months the new MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge has now started to roll off the production line. Its supplied in a clear case with a high brightness Red LED & a great label!

Its designed around 63 banks of 8K, that's the equivalent of 63 regular Commodore cartridges in one! All loaded from a simple menu, plus when your done, just press the reset button and pick again from the menu.

Uses simple circuitry to support the 27c4001 Eprom.