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Now Tested - 4 Megabit Cartridge PCBs

We have just finished testing the new 4 Megabit cartridges, great job Siem!

Now for Ray to work his magic.

Just In - New 512 to 4 Megabit PCBs arrived!

We've been busy working with our new partner to bring to market a brand new, full packed 512 to 4 Megabit games cartridge. It can handle many configurations including 32x 16K banks!

Plus this PCB hides a secret to be revealed later!

The MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge Now Ready for Sale

After many months the new MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge has now started to roll off the production line. Its supplied in a clear case with a high brightness Red LED & a great label!

Its designed around 63 banks of 8K, that's the equivalent of 63 regular Commodore cartridges in one! All loaded from a simple menu, plus when your done, just press the reset button and pick again from the menu.

Uses simple circuitry to support the 27c4001 Eprom.