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Showing posts from October, 2014

New Batch REX 9502 DUO Commodore 64 Cartridge

We have made a new batch of the REX 9502 DUO Cartridge, this is a very popular PCB as you can hold two proper 8K Eproms and switch between them.

New - LOAD-it Project

With the new LOAD-it project we are just the end stage team, the hard work was all done by e5frog aka Fredric and we have simply taken the project to market. This will be in our eBay listings in the coming days...

Just In - All new surface mount 64K RED PCBs

With the help of CHATHURA, Ray and the team at the PCB company in China we now have a brand new version of our 64K PCB.

The 64K RED cartridge board is a high quality PCB, Gold tracks and all surface components, you simply program the 27c512 PLCC eprom and press it into the socket. No soldering needed. Plus its configured with a hardware RESET and its LED ready.