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Commodore 64 UltraCart 128 Cartridge - All 3 Options Now Available!

We have been working hard over the Holiday Seasons and we are pleased to say the Commodore 64 UltraCart 128 is now available in all 3 options-

Assembled & Tested, Build-It-Yourself Kit & PCB only. 

World of Jani - 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge

Welcome to the World of Jani 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge!

"I have repaired a fair amount of drives, and every time I find myself loading a test or a diagnostic software from disk. This is a bit of a contradiction since the drive being tested, or repaired, might not even be able to load a program. I also have a variety of tools for different purposes and wanted to have everything in one place - The 1541 DIAG/Test Cart is Born..."


We recently had a couple of enquiries from customers asking if we could make them one of the Jani 1541 Diagnostic Cartridges because they did not have the equipment or know how to do make one. So we made contact with Jani and enquired if we could make and sell them and he agreed!

We passed the project over to our designer and he created a great package -

Packaged in a glossy printed box with cartridge and instruction sheet.

Fast forward a few weeks and they are now ready!

For free worldwide postage simply paypal £20 to a…

New - 2016 Mini X-Pander+ by Arkanix Labs for Commodore C64/C64C/128/128D/SX64

The new 2016 Mini X-Pander+ is now available. The new 2016 version has a new right angle slot.

You can find out more over on the Arkanix Labs forum -

Commodore 64 UltraCart 128 v3 by DDI now ready

The new revision v3 is now available as a PCB, Full Kit & Assembled options. For more information just contact us!

New Amiga Titles - Doctor Ami & Ami Alignment System by Free Spirit Software

At last the Amiga Disk Drive Alignment Package and the Ami Doctor Package both by Free Spirit Software are nearly ready for sale.

We are just waiting on the Calibration disks to be delivered from the Disk Copy Labs and they will be available from your local Amiga Dealer (yes we have a couple of dealers for these already).

Need a spare Calibration Disk? No problem we're making them available as well!

Drop us an email if you want to order Ami Alignment System or Doctor Ami direct and we'll pay world wide postage for you, just email

Commodore 64 CNC Controller Card Now Available

The Commodore 64 REX 9850 CNC Control Card is now available. It lets you control 2 stepper motors with your Commodore 64 via the User Port. Includes an Instruction Sheet from REX, its in German but very easy to translate and follow. Sample control programs are listed.

Battery Backed 32K Cartridge - Perfect for saving your high scores!!!

We have been looking at these for years, now we have found a source for the components we have made the leap and manufactured some.

Based on a cartridge from the 1980s we have improved the design!

The 32K Cart allows you to load and save from cartridge without loosing the contents - plus you can move and store the cartridge for years and years and years!

Commodore 64 Over Voltage Protector

We the expert help of e5frog we have a final build of the Over Voltage Protector.

We will build a few and see how they go....

Low Cost CNC Controller for the Commodore 64

Low cost CNC Controller Card For the Commodore 64.

We love this, a low cost CNC controller card which plugs in to the User Port and will drive 2 stepper motors. Will be available soon as we have tested them.

New 1541/1571 & 1581 Track & Sector Display PCBs In

The new Track & Sector Display PCBs have now arrived and will be available soon both assembled and as a kit. This project was developed by Gero and acquired by Shareware PLUS.

Commodore 64 Over Voltage Protector Enters Final Testing

Its taken longer than we planned and after three attempts we have a PCB ready to send off for final testing by e5frog, hopefully this will be the working build.

The Over Voltage Protector saves your 64 from a power supply failure.

LumaFix 64 has arrived!

LumaFix64 has arrived

LumaFix was made to easily remove vertical lines from your C64 image caused by signals also in the VIC-II video chip. It also has an adjustment for the Chroma signal that can help reduce problems related mostly to s-video connection on modern TV:s, the dreaded chequered pattern. LumaFix64 helps getting rid of the problem by inverting the interfering signals and feeding it back into the Luma signal.

We will make up a couple of test units and send them over to the developer e5frog and as soon as we get the OK we will sell them!

All New Commodore UltraCart 128 now landed at Shareware Plus!

We have taken up the production of the all new Rev 3 Commodore 64 UltraCart 128 Cartridge PCB from the guys over at DDI!

The UltraCart 128 is capable of storing up to 128 cartridges in a single cartridge, supporting both 8K & 16K ROM sizes, with the added advantage of ULTIMAX support!

The PCBs available now and the new UltraCart 128 project page is now up and running over at -

New eBay Seller Account

Its hard selling on eBay at times and we have had not option but to start a new seller account to meet the requirements of selling on ebay now.

We will only be listing 20 items or so, if you need anything else just message or email and we will be happy to supply you!

Commodore 64 Sales Cartridge by Commodore Looks Great!

Commodore 64 Sales Cartridge by Commodore

We love this, it was never available to buy, it was only for dealers to demo the advanced features of the 64. Probably the best burn in/test cart. Its been remade, labelled up and is now ready to buy!

New Baby Prototyping PCB for the Commodore 64

New Baby Prototyping PCBs for the Commodore 64.

We have been looking for something to make prototyping & short run projects much easier for both the Expansion & User Ports.

The new Baby Prototyping PCBs fits that application perfectly, there's two short PCBs one for the Cartridge Port & one for the User Port plus both will fit any standard cartridge case. Plus we've developed a Dual Cartridge & User Port PCB. Take a look at the pictures!