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Commodore 64 Over Voltage Protector Enters Final Testing

Its taken longer than we planned and after three attempts we have a PCB ready to send off for final testing by e5frog, hopefully this will be the working build.

The Over Voltage Protector saves your 64 from a power supply failure.

LumaFix 64 has arrived!

LumaFix64 has arrived

LumaFix was made to easily remove vertical lines from your C64 image caused by signals also in the VIC-II video chip. It also has an adjustment for the Chroma signal that can help reduce problems related mostly to s-video connection on modern TV:s, the dreaded chequered pattern. LumaFix64 helps getting rid of the problem by inverting the interfering signals and feeding it back into the Luma signal.

We will make up a couple of test units and send them over to the developer e5frog and as soon as we get the OK we will sell them!