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Battery Backed 32K Cartridge - Perfect for saving your high scores!!!

We have been looking at these for years, now we have found a source for the components we have made the leap and manufactured some.

Based on a cartridge from the 1980s we have improved the design!

The 32K Cart allows you to load and save from cartridge without loosing the contents - plus you can move and store the cartridge for years and years and years!

Commodore 64 Over Voltage Protector

We the expert help of e5frog we have a final build of the Over Voltage Protector.

We will build a few and see how they go....

Low Cost CNC Controller for the Commodore 64

Low cost CNC Controller Card For the Commodore 64.

We love this, a low cost CNC controller card which plugs in to the User Port and will drive 2 stepper motors. Will be available soon as we have tested them.

New 1541/1571 & 1581 Track & Sector Display PCBs In

The new Track & Sector Display PCBs have now arrived and will be available soon both assembled and as a kit. This project was developed by Gero and acquired by Shareware PLUS.