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Commodore 64 UltraCart 128 Cartridge - All 3 Options Now Available!

We have been working hard over the Holiday Seasons and we are pleased to say the Commodore 64 UltraCart 128 is now available in all 3 options-

Assembled & Tested, Build-It-Yourself Kit & PCB only. 

World of Jani - 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge

Welcome to the World of Jani 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge!

"I have repaired a fair amount of drives, and every time I find myself loading a test or a diagnostic software from disk. This is a bit of a contradiction since the drive being tested, or repaired, might not even be able to load a program. I also have a variety of tools for different purposes and wanted to have everything in one place - The 1541 DIAG/Test Cart is Born..."


We recently had a couple of enquiries from customers asking if we could make them one of the Jani 1541 Diagnostic Cartridges because they did not have the equipment or know how to do make one. So we made contact with Jani and enquired if we could make and sell them and he agreed!

We passed the project over to our designer and he created a great package -

Packaged in a glossy printed box with cartridge and instruction sheet.

Fast forward a few weeks and they are now ready!

For free worldwide postage simply paypal £20 to a…