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Showing posts from April, 2016

OVP 64 - Over Voltage Protector Nearly Ready For Sale

This is our last build of the Over Voltage Protector - OVP 64 has gone through many revisions but now its finished.

Once approved it will be on sale, hopefully during May.

What can we say.... New Cynthcart 64 nearly ready - with Midi Support!

The Cynthcart 64 team have been hard at work over the last three months and with thanks to Siem, the new cart is nearly ready!

Now Assembled & Tested - the new Black Magic Cartridge from DDI

We have now finished assembling and testing the new Black Magic Cartridge from DDI, with up to 320 disk based programs crammed on 4x 8 MBits 27c801 EPROMS (2 on reverse) its looking to be the best cartridge release ever!

We are busy putting the documents together and the first pre ordered units will be shipped shortly packed with lots and lots of games.

The new Black Magic website is now up and running (subject to final updates), you can grab a Black Magic PCB for £8 and the new ROM sets are now online for free download.

You will find all you need over on