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LumaFix128 for the Commodore 128

LumaFix128 is now available.

The cost is £25 plus postage.
You can get a twin pack with 2 LumaFix128s for £45.

Postage £2.50 UK, Europe £6, Rest of the World £8.
If you need tracking or a tracking number the postage is £12.50.
If you want & paid for tracking please tell us in the Paypal message with your details.

Tracking must be paid for Canada, Hungry, Russia and South America.

To order simply paypal with your full name and address to

Please note -
If you have a 128D Metal Case the capacitor seems to be taller, depending where the 128D was manufactured, therefore you may need an additional IC socket, please contact us before ordering.

Any questions please email

LumaFix64 is £16
64k VDC Plug In Upgrade is £20

Pack of 4x small Heatsinks are £1 (Clearance)

Updated 19th April 2019.