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Commodore 64/128 FM Radio Module now with AudioEX 2.0, now supports Commodore 128 in 128 mode and FM Radio App for GEOS!

16th November 2020
New release coming in late 2020!

FM Radio Module For the Commodore 64 & 128

September 2019

Now updated to include all the latest releases -

AudioEX 2.0
FMCD64 v1.0

Plus the new all new GEOS App and the Commodore 128 FM RADIO by Particles BBS.

Sold with permission from Timo Voutilainen & Particles BBS.

Simply plugs in your User Port and you can listen to the radio on your 64 and 128!

Works everywhere, UK, USA, Australia, Europe, etc,

Here is the link to the developers website -

Cd Player requires IDE 64, MP3 Player requires MP3 cart - not included. 

The FM RADIO Module & Software is only £26 with free worldwide shipping.

Sorry, currently out of stock and may be end of life.

Our email address is

If you have any questions just ask. 
Last updated 6th November 2020


  1. Hallo!!
    รจ ancora disponibile?

    it's avaiable?

  2. Bought one. It's a nice product but it lacks a case. This way it is hard to remove from the userport :you need a screwdriver or you accidentally pull off the wires.

    1. Hi,

      The connector is new, after a few times the connector will be easier to remove, a case would need to be drilled and cut to fit the FM Radio, this would add about £8 to the price and we thought that would make it expensive to buy.


    2. I'd still consider offering the case as an option. I see lots of questions about a case when I see C64 radios on the web.

    3. A case is expansive to make, even taking an off the shelf case, cutting all the holes, the user port socket and the jack sockets would add about £20 to the cost.

  3. Tim, is this still available? Thanks.


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