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NEW - Pi1541 HAT with OLED display for the Raspberry Pi 3+

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Now shipping, only 1 left Pi1541 Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator C64

These are now shipping, and we have one left. The cost is £149 plus postage.

Please email the details are below -

Pi1541 Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator C64 New

- High quality case
- Full assembly (Hat + Raspberry Pi 3B(+) included + Housing + SD card)
- 'Option B' hardware.
- OLED 128x64
- Buzzer
- Compatible with C64, C128, VIC-20, C16, Plus/4

The set includes:
- Pi1541 unit
- Instructions

MicroSD card and power supply not included.

New - multicart I, II & + Cartridges For The Commodore 64

We have been busy packaging the new multicarts, the first three are now available.

multicart I contains - 1985, 500cc Grand Prix, Acrobat, Aztec Challenge, Balletje De Luxe, Big Mac, Blagger, Burger Time, Cavelon, Choplifter, Cops and Robbers, Cosmic Commando, Daedalus, Decathlon, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Frogger 64, Galaxy, Gener Raider, HERO, Hallax, Hunter, Int Soccer, Jumpman Junior, Killer Watt, Kong, Krypton, Le Mans, Leaderboard Golf, Lode Runner, Mario Bros, Megahawk, Metamorphosis 2, Metamorphosis 3, Metamorphosis 4, Moon Patrol, Neoclyps, Olympic Skier, Outback, Pac-man, Paratroppers, Park Patrol, Pitfall 2 - Lost Caverns, Pitfall, Pole Position, Q-Bert, Quango, R1-D1 Unit Attack, Rapid Fire, River Raid, Robin to the Rescue, Ski, Star Wars, Sub Hunt 64, Super Chess, Treasure Island, U Up 'n Down, Voyager 64, Warzone, Wizard of Wor, Xerons, Zodiac.

multicart II contains - Acceleration, Addition Race, Adds & Subs, Afo, Agent Blotto, Alg Vectors,  Amortn Table, Analysis 1, A…

LumaFix128 for the Commodore 128

LumaFix128 is now available.

The cost is £25 plus postage.
You can get a twin pack with 2 LumaFix128s for £45.

Postage £2.50 UK, Europe £6, Rest of the World £8.
If you need tracking or a tracking number the postage is £12.50.
Tracking must be paid for Canada, Hungry, Russia and South America.

To order simply paypal with your full name and address to
If you want & paid for tracking please tell us in the Paypal message with your details.

Any questions please email

Updated 9th March 2019.

The Final Cartridge III++ For the Commodore 64

Commodore 64 The Final Cartridge III+ Loaded with Utilities & Applications!

Redesigned by efrog5 & his team, The Final Cartridge III+ adds over 60 new functions to your Commodore 64, and comes with a graphical interface with fast load and save.

It's supplied ready to go - The cartridge featured a "reset" button and a "freeze" button, as well as a LED that indicated whether or not the module was active. The cartridge featured a "Final Kill" option (accessible through the desktop, freezer or BASIC) which disabled the cartridge's functionality and booted the computer to unexpanded state. This was needed as some software, particularly games, were incompatible with fast-loaders; disabling the cartridge meant it never needed to be removed!

The FC3+ can be combined with an SD2IEC Floppy, the Fast loader stays alive in File-Browsers like CBM or SD2BRWSE. Also, user have the very good FC3 F-key commands for changing directories on the SD-Card or l…

Commodore 64 Cassette Port Project PCBs

We needed some of these for a project and we have some left, these are ideal for SD2IEC projects.

EWe are selling off the remaining stock, want some? You can grab a pack of four for just £3 plus postage. Email Need more, we have about 400.

LumaFix 128 has now entered mass assembly

I am pleased to confirm the new LumaFix 128 developed by e5frog has now finished testing and has now entered production and will be available during December.

e5frog designed LumaFix 64 and has a proven track record in the Commodore community.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. These are pre production versions -

These are now being manufactured and will be on sale shortly.