New - WiC64 – The Wireless Interface for Commodore 64, 128, 128D & SX-64

 WiC64 – The Wireless Interface for C64, SX-64 and C128(D)

The Wireless Interface for the Commodore 64.

The WiC64 is a parallel WLAN interface for Commodore computers with user port connection. In contrast to the earlier modems, the WiC64 works in parallel mode with 8 data lines, 2 handshake lines and one control line. That speeds up data transmission by a factor of 20: speeds of up to 20,480 bytes/second, The WiC64 can load 202 blocks / 50kb in 2.5 seconds from the internet - via HTTP:// or TCP connection.

Run Google Maps on your Commodore - It gives you full access to the internet on your Commodore, with all the possible applications you can imagine. From simple applications such as synchronising the time, loading data and programs from web servers or from PHP scripts to complex chat and messaging systems, Google Maps, online games and lots more. 

Comprising a dedicated host board with reset, a pre programmed ESP32, and an LCD display with the device IP and connection status.

The complete hardware and software is open source and supported via a dedicated portal. 

The module is supplied with firmware 2.0.0 installed, which can be updated over-the-air (OTA) or via a PC & USB cable.

A comprehensive review by Lyonsden can be found at -

£34.95 Plus postage. Available from stock.
Full assembled, programmed and ready to go.

Important note for SX-64 users - The SX-64 user port must be wired correctly, but it is NOT that way from the factory - Commodore has made an error on the board that must be corrected first.

Full information, English & German manual, updates are available at