Pi1541 Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator C64

Pi1541 Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator C64

Update - 25th April 2024

Kits are in stock
Please email sales@sharewareplus.com 

Great reviews -

Kit version -

There is a shortage of Raspberry Pi 3B+ so this is available as a kit, without the Pi.
Assembly instructions are included and only a screw driver is required for assembly. 

The kit includes the high quality case, custom Pi Hat, USB & power switch assembly, OLED display, short serial cable, mounting rails and fixings. It also includes the assembly & operating instructions. We will email you a link to download all the files you need to put on the Micro SD Card.

You will need a Pi 3B(+), a new low capacity Micro SD Card and a genuine 3 amp power supply.

Assembled Version -
Currently not available.

This is one of the nicest Pi1541 we have seen.

Pi1541 Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator C64 New

Specifications -
- High quality case
- Full assembly (Hat + Raspberry Pi 3B(+) included + Housing)
- 'Option B' hardware.
- OLED 128x64
- Buzzer
- Compatible with C64, C128, VIC-20, C16, Plus/4

The set includes:
- Pi1541 Unit
- Short Serial Cable
- Instructions

MicroSD card and power supply not included.
You will need a 3 amp (not 2.8) power supply.

If you have any questions please email sales@sharewareplus.com


  1. Dear Sir
    I bought your previous PI1541 kit. I followed the install process (including settings for mode B) and all seemed to work fine: PI boots successfully. However when entering load"$",8 the C64 is stuck on "searching for $" DEBUG displays a "spike" with ATN and CLK at 0 (before load, clock worked well). Do you have any suggestion?

    1. I think this was resolved by trying a different memory card by email, if not please email me at sales@sharewareplus.com

    2. What SD card do you recommend? Small ones are getting harder and harder to find. What is the largest one can use? I doubt a 128gb?

    3. It is possible to still buy 8GB, smaller the better.

  2. interested in the 1541 pi case , i like to purchase -thanks

  3. Can I receive notification when the cases are available again?

  4. The post starts with "21st Dec 2021"... I always love messages from the future ;-)

    But patiently waiting for restock...

  5. Very nice design! Let me know when they are available. Thanks.

  6. Can I still get this case? Been looking for something decent, and this is it. I've tried emailing but it bounced back as not delivered :(

    1. Not sure what the issue was, but thank you for your order and the Pi1541 is on the way to Australia!

  7. Do you have an email address where I can order this case from. Your email addresses bounces back.

    1. The email address is sales@sharewareplus.com

  8. Purchased this from Tim last week, was a pleasure to deal with he was. He sent all the details via email for the Pi1541 and posted it to Australia once payment went through. My gosh was it worth the wait (only a week but hey, I was hanging for it).

    The case is honestly the best part of the whole Pi1541. The HAT board that came with it was neat with it's power switch at the rear, the activity lights for the memory card, the screen, all of it is top notch. I only hope that later versions of the Pi may work with this into the future given how hard a Pi3 is now-a-days with a tweaked board to suit. Love the Pi1541, so very happy with my new addition to the C64C.

  9. Bought this kit from Tim last month, and am very happy! The build quality is the best of any kit I've ever bought, the instructions are easy to follow, and Tim had it shipped to me in Australia from the UK faster than some domestic purchases!

    If you've been on the fence about building a Pi1541, do yourself a favour and get this one when Tim has stock. Getting into 8-bit machines has been so rewarding, and this has made it even easier and more fun.


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