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The MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge Now Ready for Sale

After many months the new MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge has now started to roll off the production line. Its supplied in a clear case with a high brightness Red LED & a great label!

Its designed around 63 banks of 8K, that's the equivalent of 63 regular Commodore cartridges in one! All loaded from a simple menu, plus when your done, just press the reset button and pick again from the menu.

Uses simple circuitry to support the 27c4001 Eprom.


  1. this is awesome, I know I want one, I've ordered it off your ebay shop.. But some more info about what's installed would be nice.. thx for building still, awesome :)

  2. Current Contents List -

    Alien Sidestep
    Attack of the Mutant Camels
    C64 Diagnostic
    Calc Result
    CCS Mon
    Close Encounters
    Cosmic Life
    Dance Fantasy
    Diagnostic C64
    Dot Gobbler
    Dot Gobbler 2
    Falconian Invader
    Financial Advisor
    Fraction Fever
    Frog Master
    Hop Along Counting
    Jaw Breaker
    Juke Box
    Kids on Keys
    Laser Zone
    Magic Mon
    Marios Brewery
    Memory Manor
    Minnesota Fats Pool
    Mr Cool
    Omega Race
    Pac Man
    Princes and Frog
    Retro Ball
    Save New York
    Sea Speller
    Song Maker
    Space Action
    Space Ricoshay
    Spitball, Stix
    Super Smash
    Tank Wars
    The Fourth Sarcophagus
    The Mutant Spider
    The Pit, Threshold
    TSI Cycles
    TSI Mazeman
    Turbo Maze
    Tylers Dungeon
    Ultrex Quadromaze
    Up and Down
    Up for Grabs

  3. I picked one of these no-eprom boards hoping I could find a builder tool like EasyFlash has. Do you have more info on making roms or sample roms to pick apart and work out how to do menus?

    1. Please email me and i will send you a rom image to play with, its


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