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Commodore 1541, 1541C, 1541-II 1571, 1581 & 128D Track & Sector Displays now available

Commodore 1541, 1541C, 1541-II, 1571, 1581 Disk Drives & Commodore 128D Track & Sector Displays - now available!

A few years ago we picked up this project from the talented Gero after he moved on to new projects, now after a delay of three years these kits are now available.

We have just finished the final testing (test setup shown) with our components and they work perfectly.

We will only be releasing a few of each kit - 

Commodore 1541, 
Commodore 1541C, 
Commodore 1541-II, 
Commodore 1571, 
Commodore 1581 
& Commodore 128D Computer.

This will be a work in progress, we plan an external version later this year!
If you would like a kit simply email us at and we will quote you.


  1. waiting for this available, I am very interested in 2 kits, regards from Argentina

    1. We are about to start shipping these....


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