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Our Family is Growing... Now in stock - Cableless SD2IEC & The new SETUP GUIDES

Our Family is growing....

Cableless SD2IEC for the Commodore now in stock!

It has taken a while and most people who want an SD2IEC probably have one, but we have added a high quality, fully enclosed cableless SD2IEC to our range.
This is part of the family of products from Urko Manufactured in Portugual - SD2IEC, Cableless SD2IEC, Tapuino & Tapuino Mini. Our designer James has grouped the products together and produced a new setup guide for them all.
Available from stock, £39.95 plus postage, email
(sorry - update 14/10/2018 sold out, new stock due in Late October)

Back In stock - Black Magic Cartridge by DDI

We have now made a small batch of 8 Black Magic Cartridges by DDI with ROM Set #1. Available for £79.95 plus postage while stocks last.

Commodore 64 - The Final Cartridge III+, TFC III+ TFC 3+ Cartridge Cased with Label

The new TFC III+ Labels have just arrived and the cased version of the Final Cartridge III+ for the Commodore 64 is ready!

Our designer James has done a great job - again!

Now shipping - £25 plus £2.50 UK or £8 overseas postage.

Commodore 64 - The Final Cartridge III+, TFC III+ TFC 3+ Cartridge

Another efrog5 production, the Final Cartridge III+ is an updated release of the old Final Cartridge.

Redesigned by efrog5 & his team, The Final Cartridge III+ adds over 60 new functions to your Commodore 64, and comes with a graphical interface with fast load and save.

It's supplied ready to go - The cartridge featured a "reset" button and a "freeze" button, as well as a LED that indicated whether or not the module was active. The cartridge featured a "Final Kill" option (accessible through the desktop, freezer or BASIC) which disabled the cartridge's functionality and booted the computer to unexpanded state. This was needed as some software, particularly games, were incompatible with fast-loaders; disabling the cartridge meant it never needed to be removed!

The FC3+ can be combined with an SD2IEC Floppy, the Fast loader stays alive in File-Browsers like CBM or SD2BRWSE. Also, user have the very good FC3 F-key commands for changing directori…

Inception by Unreal2013 Ready for flash programming & testing

Inception by Unreal2013 Ready for flash programming & testing.

The test Inceptions are assembled and ready for programming! More news soon!

Inception by Unreal 2013 - 8 Joystick Port adaptor for the Commodore 64

This is one of the many projects we have picked up and hope to bring back to life!

We are working to see if we can make these with the developers, check back in a few weeks for an update.

Would like to be on the waiting list? email us.
Inception specification

Support 8x joysticks for multiplayer gamesSupport 8x PS2 PC mouseC64 mouse emulationEasy plug to one joy port ( no user port )Automatic detectionJOY info diodes on the boardExternal math coprocessor 40 Mhz

New In - Mini Tapuino Mini Digital Tape Deck

New In - Mini Tapuino Mini Digital Tape Deck

We really like these!

Available from stock in cream.

The all new Mini Tapuino looks fantastic, this really is getting exciting!

Just Arrived! Black TAPUINO for the Commodore 64

Lots of new products in today including the Black TAPUINOs.

It is nice to have these in stock and have black as an option.

WiFi Modem Cases just arrived

100 WiFi Modem cases have just arrived to start the production run in the UK.

These custom cases look fantastic! Well done Urko!

Commodore 1541 & 1541-II Track Display Kits now in stock!

TrackDisplay for the 1541 & 1541-II now available!

The Trackdisplay kits are now shipping and they look great!

Trackdisplay kits for all drives are £40 Plus postage.

Sector Trackdisplay Add-on Pack for 1541 or 1541-II are £10 Each.
The Add-on Pack contains the Sector EPROM & socket.
(To display both the Track & Sector at the same time you need two kits).

Not for the beginner, soldering skill, component knowledge and common sense needed!
Track & Sector Display kits will be available for the 1541C, 1571, 1581 & 128D shortly.
If you have any questions or would like to order simply email us

Commodore 64 WiFi Modem now finished plus bonus BBS Cards!

We have been working overtime to get the WiFi Modems packaging finished and it looks fantastic!

The WiFi 64 is £34 plus postage. UK Postage is £2.50 and overseas £6.50, if you would like tracking then postage is £12.50, sorry we do not post to Hungary or Canada. Simple email

Plus the new Top BBS Cards are finished to go with the modems!

We have about 40 spare packs, would you like a pack? Email us, pay £2 and the postage and we will get a pack on the way to you!