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Commodore 64 WiFi Modem now finished plus bonus BBS Cards!

We have been working overtime to get the WiFi Modems packaging finished and it looks fantastic!

The WiFi 64 is £34 plus postage. UK Postage is £2.50 and overseas £6.50, if you would like tracking then postage is £12.50, sorry we do not post to Hungary or Canada. Simple email

Plus the new Top BBS Cards are finished to go with the modems!

We have about 40 spare packs, would you like a pack? Email us, pay £2 and the postage and we will get a pack on the way to you!


  1. Hi I need a wifi card with bbs cards and a lumafix .How much will the total be with tracked shipping to Malta?

  2. I'd like to purchase one of these cards. How do I go about it?

  3. I'd like to purchase one. How do I go about getting one from you?

  4. Hi, where can I buy one of these?


  5. Are these compatible with CommodoreServer/Quantum Link/Habitat? That is, are they fully WiModem/Comet Modem compatible? (if they are, I'd much rather buy this seeing you are based in Europe)

    1. Tested with Habitat, not sure about the others.

  6. Can this modem be used in C128 mode?

  7. What are the benefits to this over the wimodem? I like the look of this one

    1. I watched a video on the wimodem and they are about the same, they have a display and we use a better modem.

  8. Hello, I have been using the WiFi64 with my Commodore 64 (breadbin) and it has been working pretty well up until yesterday. It seems that after using it for an hour I am no loner able to connect to any BBS (using atdt command returns "no answer") nor get anything from HTTP (using atget command returns "no carrier").

    I have tried performing factory resets on the adapter multiple times even switched with wireless router I was connecting to with no avail. Then went to sleep. This morning it was working again but after an hour or so it stopped.

    Is there a heat issue with the adapter? Has anyone else has this issue?

    1. Hi,

      This may be difficult to solve and it may be better to send it back for replacement.

      You may have a fault with the User Port.

      If you have factory reset then the baud rate needs to be set again, written and then the 64 switched off and the software reloaded. Often setting it and not restarting causes problems.

      There is no heat issue, i have never noticed them getting warm at all.

      It is possible the software has corrupted, try a new floppy disk with just the program on.

      I am not sure any of this will help, if you want to drop it back to me, i will replace it for you.


    2. Hello, Tim! Thanks for the quick response! My brother has the same WiFi device so I am going to switch with him first and see if the same thing happens. I'll let you know!

  9. Hello Tim!
    Thanks for your stunning modem.
    It worked well until today suddenly stopped working.
    My terminal program (ccgms ultimate) it's incapable to communicate with it.
    My user port seems ok and at the moment I do not have another machine to test it.
    How can I solve this problem?



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