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MultiMax Cartridge for the Commodore MAX Machine - Now available

MultiMax Cartridge for the Commodore MAX Machine

MultiMax Cartridge for the Commodore MAX Machine

MultiMax is the ultimate cartridge for Commodore MAX Machine (also known as Commodore Ultimax) game console. 

It contains all 24 software titles ever released by Commodore many with multiple versions, all selectable from a power-on menu.

You can also use this cartridge on the Commodore 64 (all variants including SX-64) and the Commodore 128 computers.

MultiMax Cartridge Includes the following games -

Avenger Max V1, Avenger Max V2, Avenger c64, Billiards V1, Billiards V2, Bowling, Clowns V1, Clowns V2, Gorf, Jupiter Lander V1, Jupiter Lander V2, Kickman Max, Kickman C64, Le Mans, Max Basic, Mini Basic, Mole Attack, Money Wars, Music Composer, Music Machine, Omega Race V2, Omega Race V3, Pinball, Radar Rat Race 2a, Radar Rat Race 2b, Radar Rat Race 2c, Road Race V1, Road Race V2, Sea Wolf, Slalom, Speed/Bingo Math, Super Alien, Visible Solar System, Wizard Of Wor v1, & Wizard Of Wor V2.

Use your joystick, or keyboard (Followed by SPACE or RETURN Key) to select the game you would like to play. 

The MultiMax cartridge uses a 1MB EPROM which holds all the cartridge images, and 2 kB RAM chip which is used by MAX Basic.

MultiMax Hardware by Michal Pleban & Software by Rob Clarke. Along with help of many others including  Pete Rittwage & Mat Allen. Joachim “Yogibear” Wijnhoven & Ruud Baltissen.

Please visit for more information.

The MultiMax Cartridge is £32 plus postage.
Please email for more information or to order.
Available from Stock.

Updated November 2022


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