Commodore 64 SID Symphony II/ SID CART for MOS 6581 SID


Commodore 64 SID Symphony II/ SID CART for MOS 6581 SID Chip

6581 SID Chip is NOT Included - Cartridge PCB as shown.

The SID Symphony II can be mapped into any 32-byte slot from $DE00 to $DFE0, and should be work fine alongside most other hardware expansions. Works with all stereo-aware software that can address a SID in the above range. It is possible to add a jumper to the cartridge to pick up other page address signals inside the computer (such as $D7xx in the C128).

Each board features an access LED, reset button, and a proper 12v DC-to-DC converter for use with the good old 6581 SID chip. Each board comes preset for $DE00, which can be changed by flipping one or more DIP switches. The audio-in line is grounded by default to reduce background noise, which one can undo by simply cutting a jumper pad.

The SID Symphony II is supplied without a SID chip, and is designed to fit into standard Commodore-issue case shells and their clones.

Available from stock £34 plus postage.
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Updated January 2023


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